About Us

We are on the mission to scale wellbeing to as many people as possible globally. We make it easy for people to access the right whole-person help anywhere, anytime.

awarenow is a wellbeing on-demand platform. We built awarenow as a curated community of best, heart-centered, holistic, experienced providers - therapists, coaches, guides so it's easy for you to achieve your goals with their guidance within a couple of clicks, all in one platform.

We support our clients in their self-discovery journey, using holistic methods, ancient wisdom, science-based tools, and technological innovation. We offer private and group coaching, as well as corporate workshops and employee wellbeing solutions.

awarenow guides come from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise:

  • health & wellness coaching
  • life coaching
  • counseling
  • various holistic practices

At awarenow, we hand pick and carefully interview each guide, provide them with clear work ethical guidelines, and assist them in program development based on the needs of our clients. We also organize knowledge sharing experiences for our professional guides.

While not every treatment works for everyone, there are hundreds of different options available at awarenow and we are certain that one of them will work for you.


We believe that successful transformation depends on the combination of factors:

  • power of awareness
  • heart-to-heart human connection
  • timely work with the resonating guide(s)
  • your commitment
  • social support & maintenance of the achieved state

Awarenow combines technology and heart-to-heart human connection to accelerate the process of change with:

  • self-assessment tests
  • smart matching technology
  • easy search & scheduling
  • private & secure communications

Our team


Alina Trigubenko

CEO & Founder


Alexander Avanesov



Diana Aroutiounova

Producer Chief of Content


Chiara Townley

Copy & Content


Eugene Pustoshkin

Advisor, Integral Development and Psychology


Olga Slavyak

Corporate Strategy


Andrea Eubanks de Jounge



Dr. Dave Vago

Neuroscience and Integrative Care advisor


Philip Dudchuk