I facilitate individual deep work in shipibo vegetalismo tradition.


Natasha has had a privilege to study traditional Amazonian shamanism for 7 years now, having been trained extensively in the indigenous Shipibo-Conibo lineage with legendary curandero maestro Kestembetsa, studying under and working closely with maestros and maestras Maria Valera, Walter Martinez Guimaray, Arturo Izquierdo, Olivia Arevalo, as well as most recently with renowned Shipibo maestro Pascual Mahua Ochavano. Her work is carried with integrity, dedication and deep respect to whatever story brought you to medicine and this tradition. The foundation of her practice is a feminine wisdom of love, compassion, and empowerment. Her medicinal name given to her at the completion of her 15-month long initiation training in Peru is Biri Yakata, which means grounded, steady light.

Location and Language:

  • America/Los Angeles
  • English, Russian


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  • Sveta

    2018, Nov 17
    I wasn’t planning to do the transformation work at the time I met Natasha. I had a very stressful time at my work and felt that I need to stay focused and alert. I felt needed to complete my projects here before I could relax. However, I never turn down the invites from the grandma that come from that friend of mine, so I decided to go and participate as a helper. When I met Natasha I told her t...
  • Lorraine E

    2018, Nov 17
    Profound Beauty is what I found in Natasha's work. Her respect and integrity for the medicine ways provided a safe space and time for me to be open to receive the gifts. My blessing to you, Kadeshtee – Walk in Beauty all the days of your life . . .