Aug 12, 2020

Awarenow product updates

Awarenow November updates

Here's a quick summary of what's new for you in awarenow this month:

  • Engage clients with Questionnaires & Prompts 2.0
  • Courses are now part of Services
  • SEO-optimize your Blog posts with URL Editing
  • Free Webinar on ‘Storytelling for Coaches’

1. Engage clients with Questionnaires & Prompts 2.0

We’ve combined welcome quizzes and journaling prompts into a single powerful tool: ‘Questionnaires & prompts’ (we’re still debating on what would a better name for it and happy to hear your suggestions).

With the unified Questionnaires & Prompts you can: Apply any automation conditions you want like who and when to send a questionnaire: at the time of each/first booking, after each/first session, 1 hour before each session, after joining a course, or even set a custom date parameter - the possibilities are practically endless) Ask different types of questions (open-ended, multiple-choice, as well as add the ‘other’ option) View all client responses in one place.

2. Programs are now part of Services

Another welcomed change which you may have already spotted is that Programs/Courses are now part of Services.Services section is one of the most important ones on the awarenow platform and the one which will generate you the most revenue ;) We’ll be adding many more exciting add-ons to Services like Group sessions and Packages very soon to help you grow your practice faster.

3. SEO-optimize your Blog posts with URL Editing

As more and more coaches start to see how marketing can help them generate new clients, many of you start blogging and podcasting on awarenow. And with SEO being one of the key marketing channels, we’ve added the URL parameter to your blog posts.You can now specify the URLs to better optimize your blog posts for search engines like Google and ultimately get more clients through organic search.

If you’re interested in learning more about the power of blogging for coaches, check out our recent piece on Turning Blog Readers Into Clients.

4. Free Webinar on ‘Storytelling for Coaches’

Good content marketing doesn’t exist without …? You guessed it, great storytelling.

With that, we’re really excited to announce and invite you to our first live webinar covering ‘Storytelling for Coaches’ taking place on November, 19 at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST.Our CMO Nick Benedict will be joined by Damon D’Amore, C-Suite Performance Specialist and Mentor at LegacyMentor to tell you more about the role of storytelling and its practical implications, especially in times of crisis.

Book your free webinar spot


Awarenow October updates

Here's a quick summary of what's new for you in awarenow this month:

  • Increase Blog conversions with banner customization
  • Specify clients’ organizations
  • Add custom buttons and other elements with HTML code
  • Email funnel & SMS templates request
  • Earn 20% affiliate commission with awarenow

1. Increase Blog conversions with banner customization

Do you run a blog? If yes, you know how valuable it is to share your expertise with your audience, so they can learn (and buy) from you. However, the ‘blog conversion’ piece of the puzzle has always been a bottleneck for coaches. Most WordPress plugins and other blog marketing tools either look outdated or do not function the way you’d like them to.

Luckily, you can now increase your blog conversions almost instantly with an eye-catching, customizable blog banner.

Just set up a title, description, background image and a call-to-action button (with a link to your coaching profile or anything else) and watch more leads knocking on your virtual doors.

Available on: white-label plan

2. Specify clients’ organizations

As we set off for bringing our coaches a CRM-style client management experience, you can already see the first steps in this direction implemented in your Clients dashboard.

More specifically, you can now indicate which company/organization your client belongs to and see that in the Contact details tab.

Stay tuned for more CRM improvements to come in the next updates this year!

Available on: all plans

3. Add custom buttons and other elements with HTML code

Have you ever had an amazing idea you wanted to display in your course or blog content in one way or another, but the standard editor capabilities just weren’t cutting it? Well, now, ‘for everything else, there’s MasterCard HTML code editor’.

You can insert HTML code to add custom elements like call-to-action buttons or pretty much anything else in your awarenow programs, quizzes or blog posts.

Available on: all plans

In other news:

  • Email funnel & SMS marketing templates request

How often do you build email marketing/sales funnels and use SMS to engage your clients?

And more importantly, how much time does it usually take you to build out the whole funnel or compose a nice set of personalized text messages for your clients?

Wouldn’t it be easier if you just had a few templates that you could edit in minutes & send to clients the same day without wasting hours on manual message composition from scratch?

We want to help our community of coaches and build free Email funnel & SMS templates, but would like to first validate if YOU are interested. Please send us an email with ‘TEMPLATES’ and any additional template ideas so we know you’d want to use them.

  • Earn 20% affiliate commission with awarenow 

Lots of you have asked for this and... awarenow affiliate program is finally here!

Just sign up for it, share your unique affiliate link with your audience of other coaches which you feel may benefit from using awarenow (for free!), and earn a 20% recurring commission on every referral for a lifetime!

Here are 2 ways to become awarenow affiliate partner:

  • If you’re an awarenow platform user, just send us an email with ‘AFFILIATE’ and we’ll upgrade your account to the promoter status.
  • If you’re not an awarenow platform user yet (we don’t blame you), you can sign up for our affiliate program here.



Awarenow September updates

1. Pages

Adding new web pages to your platform is now easy as 1-2-3.

You can create new pages and content around your coaching services, prices, terms of use and so much more. This can help attract new clients, engage existing ones, or just serve as additional information sources - it’s up to you!Next month we’ll share more exciting updates coming to Pages!

2. Improvements:

  • Our community

Since many of you have asked for this, we’ve enabled the ability to specify which practitioners to display (i.e. promote) in the ‘Our community’ space. Just to remind, you can set your preferences in the Community config.

  • Community board

As you may remember, in the last update we’ve announced the community board integration that allows you to build an engaging community of coaches and clients inside your platform. 

We’ve received lots of positive feedback since then! Some of our users have successfully migrated their Facebook groups to the platform and as they note, it’s now much easier for their clients and themselves to keep everything in one place.

If you still haven’t tested the community board feature, please request your access.

  • Group sessions

When a new group session is created, you’ll now get just one calendar event (as intended) instead of multiple. If you still haven’t tried delivering group sessions to your audience, we highly recommend using that powerful tool for scaling your coaching business. Zoom integration for the group sessions is coming up next month! 


Awarenow July updates

1. Zapier workflows integration

One of the most requested features is here! You can now take your awarenow productivity to a whole new level with Zapier workflow automation.

Want to send an email through your favorite email system (Gmail, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc.) to a client after he/she signs up for your awarenow-hosted course?

Or automatically send an invoice through your accounting software of choice (e.g. Quickbooks) to a client who you just completed a paid session with?

You can do it all and much more with our Zapier integration! The possibilities are really endless.

To get started with Zapier workflows for awarenow:

1) Head over to your awarenow profile and generate a Zapier token.

2) Create a free Zapier account or log in to an existing one.

3) Create a new Zap workflow for awarenow and {your favorite tool} sync following the instructions.

Here’s the video walkthrough of how the whole process goes.

2. Community board

A community board is a new place for your providers and/or clients to communicate with each other!

You can now build your own community, drive members’ engagement, increase existing customer retention, and even attract new ones thanks to public content SEO-optimization capabilities.

Most importantly, you can do this all hassle-free!

No need to create a Facebook group (where posts engagement numbers is every group admin’s worst nightmare) or set up a new community using a separate software platform. Because your community board will be hosted on your own platform (powered by awarenow) giving you more time to focus on what matters most - engaging with your community.

Community board feature is currently invite-only, so if you want to test it out in your environment, please reach out to alina@awarenow.io and we’ll set it up for you.


3. Services

You can now create coaching services with session templates (for different sessions length, free and paid, online or in-person), as well as courses.

Here’s how adding a new service works.

4. Platform performance improved

  • Besides new feature releases, the overall platform performance has also been greatly improved with the following bug fixes:
  • Major fix for group sessions (overtime charge and commission calculation, chat during sessions and editing session details) ✅
  • Calendar sync issues fixed ✅
  • End video call button works properly now ✅
  • Minor payment interface issues are fixed ✅
  • Adding coach services works properly now ✅

As a final note, we wanted to let you know that if you’re interested in creating a custom SMS sender name (for instance, the name of your platform), please create an account in Twilio and provide alex@awarenow.io developer-level access and we’ll take care of the rest.

Hope you loved our July updates!

Stay tuned for many more upcoming features and updates in August :)

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