Nov 7, 2020

Eating Well Purposefully- Actionable Step Ep. 1

Who doesn't love fresh garden food? The is nothing better than the taste of a freshly picked herb or vegetable right out of a garden. Yet, harsh climates or a slight inclination to avoid bugs may put us off from seeking to try out a more hands-on approach to the treasured art of growing food.

Well, there is a solution! Have you heard of indoor gardening? A slightly rhetorical question to get you excited, but the truth is, this can be a great option, and it can be done soil-free...

Now you know I am all about stress reduction and wellness. Having control of how your food is made takes the guesswork out of the equation. You know your food was made without toxins, pesticides, or harm to other creatures. You know it will bolster your #guthealth and have great bioavailability for sufficient nutrient absorption and best of all, it will save you both time and money in the long haul!

How is that for stress reduction?

Now that you know some key ways to reduce your stress, footprint, and increase your ability to eat well, what approach do you plan to take?

  • Plant Herbs in your kitchen
  • Potted Plants to increase mood
  • Small vegetables to grow in your home
  • Bonsai tree
  • Use coconut coil for growing food
  • Try out a vertical vegetable wall to grow in your home

I would love to know what worked best for you.

Until next time, this is Holistic Lee saying thank you for taking 5 to learn about ways to improve your eco-health and wellbeing, without sacrificing too much time or your values.

Special thank you to Freepiks for the amazing images: Photo by pvcproductions on Freepik and Scott Webb on Unsplash.

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