Jan 11, 2021

Measuring Sales results

Measuring  sales  performance

No matter what your selling system is you need to measure the right actions that drive decisions.

Sales reps  who call on customers should have their face-to-face meetings measured for the number  per day, decisions made on quotes, and decisions to buy. Do not measure phone calls, mileage or texts or social media contact. A good rep will see 5-8 customers per day in face-to-face meetings if working well. Route trade reps will see 35-40 people per day and get small orders from each. Emails and phone calls are just like the car tools of the trade.

Sales people who make  phone sales should  have the calls that placed orders measured not all calls, the opportunities to quote measured and the quote success, or appointments made to visit, noting else, forget the number of calls being made… The total calls 40 delivering 8 contacts for 1 appointment is a useless measure of skill

Social media reps should have the leads generated per day measured nothing else.

Prospecting reps should have the face-to-face meetings that resulted in a quote or decision measured.

You employ salespeople to use their selling skills at getting decisions so then measure the steps  that  help get decisions not the  other stuff that occurs to fudge the results if used.

If sales performance is falling, then  visit what you are measuring first  then look at the skills of the people. Go visit customers with your sales reps watch for skill use, questioning, selling benefits, and overcoming objections but most of all asking for the decision.

Listen in on phone sale calls for the   questions and benefits and asking for the decision.

Read and watch Social media posts for the questions, decision asking, and language being used.

Visit with prospecting reps to see how they prospect approach customers.

If you find  problems then  run a sales training seminar to overcome the skills lack. [Richard can help here]

If you measure the correct action you get the  best results. Decisions to Buy.

Talk with a sales mentor like Richard Gee to help get the best results.

Richard Gee
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