Jan 11, 2021

Your Vision matters

Setting Your Vision for the coming year

To stay focussed create a  goal or  Vision to aim your business enterprise at for the coming year. Like all goals you can achieve them if you share the Vision of what success  will look like by getting  the goal across the winning line.

Small or  large, dynamic  growth  or holding pattern it can be either but write  it down and then  outline monthly steps you need to take to achieve in each area of your business, sales, online sales, costs, promotion, marketing, social marketing promotion, production, manufacturing, and specific  areas of  your business that will impact on the Vision being achieved.

Share this Vision, goals and  winning post ideas with your staff and ask for their ideas   on how to achieve your starting  Vision and be surprised by the practical answers  you get!   Write the staff ideas  into your Vision  and review making sure you can achieve and have time and  money to be practical towards  your Vision.

To help you with this Vision talk with a business mentor who will walk alongside you to ensure the   monthly  actions and steps get put into place. On my website www.Geewiz.co.nz there is a free downloadable PDF called action 90  day plan in the conference downloads section which you can use as a template to create 90 day action plans for the business to then be crossed off as completed and self-actualisation builds and you complete actions   that each drive towards  your  Vision for the coming year. You and your team will be focused and motivated by the clear understanding that occurs.

Put a copy on  your team notice board, share with your bankers and most of all give  a copy to the family and  shareholders and keep with  your  other business planning and  financial documents.

With a clear Vision you can and will achieve everything you want to in your business. Remember to help you use a Business mentor like Richard Gee.

Richard Gee
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