Jan 11, 2021

Your Christmas gift

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Your Christmas Gift

A tradition at Christmas is for business to give a gift of thanks to selected customers and staff to ensure business the following year and engender good will. Lots of inventive ideas from food and wine baskets to gift vouchers and charity donations attract attention.

The most important consideration is who gets a Christmas thankyou and  why. Take your customer list and look at the  volume and repeat business from each customer and create your thankyou list according to your budget.

Then consider  how you will deliver the gift and remember that personal delivery   gives time for discussion and future forecasting and  should be used for your top 30 clients at least. Then get your staff involved delivering   as many of the balance as you can to help take ownership and   show case your people.

Consider  that if you do not have time prior to this Christmas, you can do a welcome back to Business gift in January, which has the advantage of less Christmas clutter and novelty.

When it comes to staff gifts  the budget needs careful consideration, do not attempt to  increase over last year, and remember if you have a staff function as well the cost can become extremely high. Watch the message  you send if giving too much alcohol or  the latest Hemp package.

For the remainder of your customers who do not qualify based on spend level for a gift consider the humble  Christmas card or  calendar with your  logo  printed on it.

Giving logo branded product that is useful from key rings to bags to desk accessories is certainly a long term reminder of your thanks, especially if it has a NZ theme of supporting native birds, trees fauna and community interests.

Make sure you include members of your own family in your Christmas gift program as they have contributed in many ways to the success of you and your business too.

Working with a Business Mentor can help the success of your business, check out how Richard Gee  could help you.

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