Jan 11, 2021

Selling Your Decision

Selling your Decision

Many businesses struggle to get enough sales of product or services because of people skills and understanding the process of getting a buyer’s decision. Selling is helping informed buyers make decisions. It is not discounting or deals.

Decisions are  made  from two choices yes or no, and the value of the benefits helps decide what the decision will be. Benefits are advantages of the facts of the product or service and the more benefits the buyer understands the better, For example “ NZ made”   gives the benefits of supporting local NZ economy and jobs, “NZ made “  gives trust and availability of repair or parts quickly etc.

“Organically grown” gives the benefits of no fertiliser used while growing so more natural taste and healthier to eat.  To create a benefit, use the “so what” test to your facts and the benefits become apparent easily. Buyers buy benefits, and price value is the understanding of the benefits.

When  planning your sales presentation use a good  formula structure like S. P. E. N.D.

S -Situation currently of the buyer

P -Problems  that are occurring with the  current product or service

E- Effect of no action, the  cost of doing nothing in $$

N -Needs of the customer that will be satisfied by your benefits

D -Decision to start, includes understanding the price, the benefits, the time for delivery

To go from  step to step use open ended questions starting with What, When, Why, Which, Where, how to get information to help to build to the decision of Yes!

To get more sales get in front of your buyer’s face to face, emails and text messages do not  help get decisions. Facebook videos  using the  benefits   of this S P E N D approach will help structure your decision for those online sellers. Measure your success by the  number of face to face meetings held and decisions gained from the buyers understanding of the benefits.

Take a walk -through business with a mentor/business coach at your side. New or existing  business owners will benefit. For a confidential discussion about mentoring/ business coaching contact Richard Gee

Richard Gee
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