Aug 20, 2019

Mindful Sex and Human Development

Arguably, sexual repression in North America helps to create conditions that contribute to the rise of the sexual predators we see in the news. Seeing that repressive conditions contribute to the occurrence of sexually predatory behavior in men, however, in no way condones that behavior. Such men are still responsible for their behavior, they need to “grow up”.

In the #metoo movement, though, we saw some individuals using the language of postmodernism -- but without an ethics of inclusion -- to sometimes punish men without due process.

Seen as built in features of the Kosmos, integral theory includes as unavoidably present the four evolutionary qualities of beauty, goodness, truth, and usefulness. Sexual feelings in men are clearly related to attraction by beauty, with such beauty inspiring creativity, passion and right effort. In terms of the passion that is inspired, it is crucial to honor the boundaries set by the beautiful, for the reason that these boundaries are what create the container for positive contributions.

I would argue that honoring the boundaries of what we find to be beautiful, of what inspires in us erotic feelings, provides an inside-out approach to sexual ethics.

In the video below, we explore these and related ideas (originally posted on the forum

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