Jun 16, 2020

Scrubbing Stains & Healing Wounds

Scrubbing Stains & Healing Wounds

Scrubbing Stains:

Just the other day I was helping a friend work on getting his house ready to welcome his new wife as they prepared to begin their lives together. A few months before that he had some painting done throughout the house and the painters did him no favors when they left the upstairs bathtub neglected and stained with a dark gray paint splashed on the off-white bathtub.

As I set out on the task of cleaning the tub I began to scrub. I was pleased at first as I noticed some of the small stains were coming off pretty easy after only a few swipes of the scrubber. As I continued, some of the stains took 20, even 50 strokes to remove. And still others took several minutes before they were all gone. As I continued to scrub, a sweat broke out on my brow and I began to get mad at the amount of effort I was putting into cleaning the remaining stains until I looked closer and realized that what I perceived as surface stains were in fact deep scars in the surface of the tub. Gouges in the tub that only the original manufacturer would be able to restore.

Now I know that some who read this might say, you can run down to your local hardware store and grab a bathtub patch kit and you’d be right. However, that patch kit would eventually fail & never be able to return or restore that bathtub to its original design and purpose.

Healing Wounds:

As I thought about this scrubbing, I was reminded of a time not too long ago when I went through my own personal fork in the road in a jail cell. In that cell was where I finally had to make a choice to continue to live life by my design and continue down a path of hurt & misfortune or surrender my life to the will of the original designer.

That day I chose to begin an intentional walk into recovery and I began to work on scrubbing or healing the stains or wounds that my previous life of neglect had left behind. At first I became excited and encouraged as the small wounds were healed in a short time. The deeper wounds took a bit longer and a bit more intention to heal. I’ll just be real with you in sharing that there are some wounds from my past that I’m still scrubbing on today as I work on healing them. 

The wounds we carry from our past leak into every one of our current relationships. The hard truth is that it’s not always our fault that we have been wounded but it is certainly our responsibility to heal those wounds.

Then there are those deep, deep wounds. The ones that no amount of intention or scrubbing or time can heal. You see those wounds are so deep and so painful that only the original designer is able to return and restore me to my original design and purpose.

The Designer Restores:

Is your life a bathtub full of neglected stains and wounds? Maybe you’ve been able to heal some with lots of hard work and with the help of family and friends. Maybe you’re trapped deep in the middle of an addiction and the only way to make old wounds feel better is to numb out and try to forget. Maybe you’re living a great looking life on the outside but on the inside you’re wearing a deep, deep wound of rape, molestation, abuse, child loss, ruined family, job loss, overwhelming failures, or any other tragic trauma.

There’s great news!

Your original designer wants nothing more than to come to you and restore you to your original purpose and design. We go through life trying to make up the rules for ourselves.

Have you ever tried to open a game, throw away the directions and make up your own rules on how to play it and still end up winning? It’s not possible.

We simply cannot make the rules to this game of life that we did not design. But we can always go to the One who did. The One who promises to go before us and make our paths straight. The One who promises to restore what has been taken and lead us on a path towards victory.

If that’s you…

If you’re tired of struggling and ready to walk into the promises of peace and joy of a life lived abundantly, I’d love to hear from you.

Our stories are filled with chapters of where we’ve come from, what we’ve gone through, and how we endeKoid up where we’re at. Pages of events and relationships, each with there own significant place in our book of life.

Your story isn’t finished. Although you can’t go back and change the past, you can decide right now how you the next chapter plays out.

What’s your next step?

(Send comments or questions to Don at knownneededloved@gmail.com)

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