Jun 16, 2020

As within as without

You may see all the chaos around you that needs to be fixed. The things that are not right, that need to be different. The things you don’t have yet. The things you should have accomplished by now. You may think that you need to do something to get there. To work hard at yourself, to be a better version, to let go of your past.

But let me tell you something darling. You are already worthy. There is nothing you can do wrong, you are already loved. You are powerful beyond measure. You just need to recognise your true essence.

And this seems to be so difficult. We keep running for a better job, go to the gym for a better body, we keep on dating for an even better partner. Yet they are not out there to be found. All you see is a reflection of your inner state of being.

Remember! Let your vibe be a product of your heart, not your environment. Be steady in who you are and the outside world will change accordingly.

Be so at home, that all you will see is love reflected.

May it be so💗

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