Jun 18, 2020

Immaculate conception

Today I visited the city monastery where I met brother Frans a member of the brotherhood of immaculate conception.

I don’t follow any religion, yet always curious to see what wisdom I can gather.

He told me that the word immaculate has nothing to do with Maria being a virgin or not having had sex to get pregnant. It speaks about her state of being.

Maria was immaculate at her birth and therefor could give birth to God. She no longer had the curse that Eva had spread on the earth by stepping out of paradise.

Where there are no ill thoughts, no ill behaviour can follow, no problems arise.

Being pure at the source gives rise to a pure world.

Which thoughts are at the source of the problems you see in your life?

Imagine you could conceive immaculately! Meaning anything you create in life, be it a child or a next project, building a house, a relationship, anything that you conceive/create!

Creating a world we actually want to live in.

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