Jul 6, 2020



A great friend asked me recently, “How’s life?”

Initially I wanted to reply with the standard go to of, “Good.”

But today wasn’t that day. No, in fact the season I’m in leaves no room for placation. 

After leaning in, this was my response...

“How’s life? I’m glad you asked. Life is full of opportunities to step into a physical, emotional, spiritual & relational place of unprecedented clarity and immeasurable hope. 

Flip-The-Script (Need vs. Want)

Opportunities to see that everything we need in this life doesn’t come from our hard work, our struggles, our perseverance, or our best. (Notice I didn’t say want!) Everything we need is revealed when we die to ourselves daily. The world will never be changed by the best version of ourselves. Only our lives laid down for the life of Jesus Christ can make an impact. (Which, by the way, IS the best version of ourselves!)

Flip-The-Script (Death vs. Life)

Opportunities where the haze begins to clear and we begin to understand that only through a raw, honest contemplation of death can we behold & treasure the real value of life. 

Flip-The-Script (Pain vs. Healing)

Only when we experience deep, seemingly unbearable pain can we cherish & appreciate healing & intentional growth. 

Flip-The-Script (Coincidence vs. God Incidents)

Opportunities to walk out God’s promises of living life in joy & abundance by not writing things off as coincidence, rather accepting and sharing the hope & truth in God incidents. 

Flip-The-Script (Arrows In vs. Arrows Out)

Opportunities to see how crippling our limited thinking is & how toxic our beliefs are when the focus is inward, on ourselves. Spending all of our energy seeking & searching for ways to make ourselves happy, successful, popular, etc.

(The Blind Will See...)

When we begin to emerge from our blindness into sight, we see that this life is about something so much greater than us. 

(The Deaf Will Hear...)

When we begin to experience the healing from our deafness we hear God’s gentle whisper that we are enough. 

(The Dead Will Live Again...)

When we begin to walk out of our graves and into the life He designed us for, we just might find ourselves scratching our heads wondering how we existed for so long, focused inward. We begin to understand that it was never about us, always about Him & His kingdom. 


Jesus left us with the greatest mic drops of all time when He said,”You’ve heard it said... But I say...”. He was flipping the script. Taking the law as they understood it, applying it and offering new ways to practice obedience. 

The religious leaders in Jesus’ day led in a way that not only avoided personal transformation, it produced division between the outward & inward life. Jesus flipped the script with truth that led them towards an undivided self, where the outside matched the inside. 

Jesus flipped the script to get His followers to look beneath the surface & consider the source of their actions. What’s your heart posture? This aligns the inside with the outside and forms the character so that when others look at a Christ follower they see the image of God. 

People are like cups. We can’t only clean the outside, even though that’s what we see, that’s what others see and it’s easier to do while neglecting the inside. Come on, it’s pretty gross in there. When we choose to begin cleaning the inside, change is inevitable and the outside will follow suit. 

Are there circumstances, relationships, or opportunities in your life where God wants to give you some flip-the-script perspective?

What are those?

Matthew 6:33 ~ “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. If it was helpful for you, please share with friends and leave a review. If anything on our page falls short, we’d love to know.

Stay blessed.



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