Inspire confidence, be proactive, and learn communication techniques for de-escalating disagreements and difficult situations that leave everyone happy.


My mission is to spark a communication revolution that emboldens people to speak from their heart while negotiating win-win solutions during periods of disagreement. As a mediator, coach, and consultant, I value authentic expression, empathetic understanding, and transparency when working with clients. As I say, "Las Vegas rules apply" when we work together, meaning what you openly say will inform and inspire our work together. I meet you exactly where you meet me. I'll teach you proven de-escalation strategies, persuasive negotiation techniques, and collaborative communication for dealing with high-value clients. All of this meant to keep you in control, have you respectfully assert your will, and gain proactive relationship management skills. Beyond the practical, I have also studied over 200 hours of energy work and other wisdom traditions, which I fuse into our work together to provide a holistic understanding of self and interpersonal dynamics. I have a Masters in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution from Columbia University, am a certified Mediator through Columbia School of Law, and work with individuals, teams, or entire businesses. Past clients include the United Nations, Union Bank, Checkmate.Digital, Skedaddle, Social Sunday, and more.

Location and Language:

  • America/Los Angeles
  • English, Spanish



  • Marianna L

    2019, Mar 14
    Powerful... I realized that my communication style is heading in the right direction and that I am an effective communicator.
  • Dawn DeSantis

    2019, Feb 20
    I had often felt shy and insecure in my approach to business negotiations, hoping for the best. This gave me specific tools to root myself, know how to extract information, and keep people talking with targeted questions. I now know how to argue my worth effectively
  • TIffany Wycoff

    2019, Feb 20
    Bryant’s workshop and mediation were extremely helpful! This could have been a very destructive experience and instead, we emerged stronger as a team and with more motivation, value, and clarity. Thank you very much!”
  • Jamie Pales

    2019, Feb 20
    These were two extremely important days for our company. We could not have accomplished as much as we did without Bryant's mediation and workshop. He created a safe space where we could explore how we react to conflict while training us in his process. Definitely, recommend him.
  • Samantha Sisca

    2019, Feb 20
    When I had first started working with Bryant, I avoided conflict and was very reactive when communicating or disagreeing. I have gained a higher level of self-awareness and confidence as well as skills for addressing business conflicts in a collaborative manner.