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CK Lin helps high performers master themselves, advance their career, and live meaningful lives. His clients range from Nobel Laureates to startup executives and high growth business organizations. Case in point, his latest client went from idea to $300M exit in fewer than 5 years. The combination of his scientific training, eastern philosophy, and timeless solutions will accelerate and sustain your winning edge. He is the world’s foremost high-performance coach in bridging practical business solutions with transformational experiences. CK has his Ph.D. in engineering from UCLA.

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  • UCLA Engineering
  • 2008
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  • Alina awarenow admin

    2019, Feb 12
    Ck always outperforms any expectation! Keep it up!
  • Tony A

    2019, Jan 30
    When I first heard about this I know the big struggle my co-founder (who is also my wife) and I have working together...it has been frustrating. I care about my wife but I also care about the business. How do I balance these things? We needed to get to a higher level of consciousness so we could truly communicate about some of these things. And after experiencing the mastermind, we were able to co...
  • Yul Du

    2019, Jan 30
    I realized I wouldn’t want to be anyone else. I am happy and grateful being me.i am happy with my soul, my heart, and my being. Who I am. I am a good human being. I am so grateful for this work to bring us back to what’s important. I get to focus on what’s important to me. I feel so rich. Truly affluent. More in alignment to my own purpose. I feel more uneasy around those who are NOT on the same...
  • Brandon Brandon

    2019, Jan 30
    As I started out on my path of entrepreneurship, I was LOST…. I was without PURPOSE. Through weekly exploratory conversations, he set me on a path of self-optimization. My career trajectory dramatically changed the moment I found my WHY. I am forever grateful for C.K.’s guidance!
  • Vadim V

    2019, Jan 30
    I got a very powerful tool during this workshop. I had access to my subconscious to understand how everything in my body connects and work together. I got clarity to what’s truly important to me: purpose, parents, relationships. I did a lot of pruning - bad habits like smoking or stupid habits I do mindlessly to escape like eating bad food. Time is limited and I should use my life wisely. Letting...