Danny Morris
Somatic Psychology

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Connect more deeply with yourself and others, by learning how to use awareness to trust your body's wisdom.


Danny is a trauma informed somatic mindfulness coach and plays at the intersections of meditation, somatics, healing and interpersonal relating. He has spent over 10,000 in silent meditation retreat exploring for himself the direct experience pointed to by contemplative traditions. He is now in the deep inquiry of taking the depth of the inward journey and applying it to becoming fully human and engaging in a world that requires action with an open heart.

Location and Language:

  • America/Chicago
  • English, Hebrew


  • 13
  • Unified Mindfulness


  • Suren Avunjian

    2018, Nov 19
  • Ferdinand D

    2018, Nov 16
    Danny's approach to somatic healing as well as grounding is profoundly healing. I would hugely recommend Danny to anyone in need of emotional balance and literacy as well as grounding!
  • Alina awarenow admin

    2018, Nov 10
    Danny's approach to relaxation is very profound. His presence during our live sessions made a world of difference - I could switch from an anxious state to a relaxed state pretty much instantly.