Daron Larson
Mindfulness training

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Exercise your ability to focus, recharge, and connect. Feel more at home in the messiness of real life.


Like a personal fitness trainer, I design customized programs to fit specific interests and needs. Many of my students report decreased distraction, anxiety, and insomnia as a result of exploring the exercises I share with them.

Location and Language:

  • America/New York
  • English



  • Diana Might

    2019, Feb 13
    Daron really helped me to relax and notice the way my body actually feels and operates! In just 15 minutes I managed to get an absolute relief and beautiful experience. Can't wait to try more fo his magic!
  • Jeremy

    2018, Nov 16
    Daron's corporate workshop is a good starting point for people who'd like to practice mindfulness and gain a perspective on how they operate and distribute their attention throughout their day-to-day life. I found it very actionable.
  • Garry L

    2018, Nov 16
    Exercises with Daron showed me how much I could concentrate, and ways to improve it.
  • Suren Avunjian

    2018, Oct 09
    Daron worked with me and my company focusing on attention training leveraging mindfulness. He presented mindfulness in a very practical manner and left us with excellent exercises to implement in life and at work. He was attentive to all our questions and did his best to clarify awareness to beginners.
  • Alina awarenow admin

    2018, Sep 29
    Daron's approach is unique and profound. His language and expertise make it easy to finally figure out what mindfulness is and how I can implement it in my daily life without the struggle of finding time on meditation (who has time for that anyway?)