Eugene Pustoshkin
Integral Transpersonal Approach

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I’ll help you in learning how to meditate with your eyes open amidst daily activities through developing flow states


I can help you in developing a profound connection with your deeper heartfelt presence and psychologically optimistic embodiment, growing into your fuller human potential. | It is done by utilizing extraordinary states of consciousness and peak experiences. | For this we will be implementing a special psychopractical system of Integral Meditation combined with Holoscendence, a unique meta-method that synthesizes understanding of many schools of Western and Eastern psychology. | If necessary, this learning can be done implicitly, through interesting dialogue and dialogical meditations. | My work is developmentally informed by various schools of psychotherapy, adult (vertical) developmental psychology, as well as by various wisdom traditions and systems.

Location and Language:

  • Europe/Moscow
  • English, Russian


  • 8
  • Clinical Psychology & Psychophysiology Department, Faculty of Psychology, St. Petersburg University, Russia
  • 2010

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  • V A

    2019, Jan 21
    I completed the full course on Integral Meditation by Eugene Pustoshkin. What I gained was a tool for self-exploration and personal growth. I found out that meditative states can be practiced, while doing any sort of work or rest, not just sitting on my meditation pillow but being directly in a social context. Eugene helps you to gain a practical understanding of how to work with these mindfulness...
  • Alina awarenow admin

    2018, Nov 28
  • A A

    2018, Nov 16
    As a tech founder, I go through an emotional roller-coaster and it's very hard to always perform at the top level. It's hard to find inner peace. I find these blissful peaceful moments when I work with Eugene. Our sessions are meditative, his presence already makes me exhale from the responsibilities I have, amounts of pressure and fears I deal with daily. I don't think I'd be able to manage my e...