Eugene Pustoshkin
Integral Transpersonal Approach

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I’ll help you in learning how to meditate with your eyes open amidst daily activities through developing flow states


I can help you in developing a profound connection with your deeper heartfelt presence and psychologically optimistic embodiment, growing into your fuller human potential. It is done by utilizing extraordinary states of consciousness and peak experiences. For this we will be implementing a special psychopractical system of Integral Meditation combined with Holoscendence, a unique meta-method that synthesizes understanding of many schools of Western and Eastern psychology. If necessary, this learning can be done implicitly, through interesting dialogue and dialogical meditations. My work is developmentally informed by various schools of psychotherapy, adult (vertical) developmental psychology, as well as by various wisdom traditions and systems.

Location and Language:

  • Europe/Moscow
  • English, Russian


  • 9
  • Clinical Psychology & Psychophysiology Department, Faculty of Psychology, St. Petersburg University, Russia
  • 2010
  • -

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  • Alina Trigubenko

    2019, Mar 27
    It's crazy how deep we can go with Eugene pretty instantly, within a few minutes I start answering my own questions. Eugene's presence, field is extremely transformative. I feel psychedelic effect of working with him. Can't recommend and thank him enough.
  • unknown unknown

    2019, Mar 20
    Eugene helped me release stored from childhood emotions and gave a very precious tool and inner strength to deal with my family, which I struggled to figure out on my own. Keywords after working with Eugene: clarity, exhale, my power is back and I am well-equipped, depth.
  • Garry Mkrtchyan

    2019, Mar 19
    It is better to tap into the sense of deconcentration once and for good than to stay attached to the ordinary states of consciousness that often times drain our mental and emotional resources in the contemporary informationally polluted world. Eugene will teach you techniques of meditation that will help you to be in a centered state and eventually contribute to your pursuit of awareness by expand...
  • V A

    2019, Jan 21
    I completed the full course on Integral Meditation by Eugene Pustoshkin. What I gained was a tool for self-exploration and personal growth. I found out that meditative states can be practiced, while doing any sort of work or rest, not just sitting on my meditation pillow but being directly in a social context. Eugene helps you to gain a practical understanding of how to work with these mindfulness...
  • Alina awarenow admin

    2018, Nov 28
  • A A

    2018, Nov 16
    As a tech founder, I go through an emotional roller-coaster and it's very hard to always perform at the top level. It's hard to find inner peace. I find these blissful peaceful moments when I work with Eugene. Our sessions are meditative, his presence already makes me exhale from the responsibilities I have, amounts of pressure and fears I deal with daily. I don't think I'd be able to manage my e...
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