Ginevra Are Cappiello
Life coaching

I am an heart-based and purpose-driven life coach. My lifelong mission is to support human souls in their path towards balanced wellness. I begin by integrating the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual body systems. My goal is to help you learn practical tools to become aware of your desires and feel aligned to your purpose. Once you feel centered in your body and are able to express and release negative emotions, it will be easier to achieve goals and realize your most fulfilling intentions. My sessions include an initial assessment and client intake form and identification of your presenting concerns. Then, we will work on identifying what is currently in balance and how to transform what is out of balance. Finally, together we will develop an action plan and I will share with you tools and techniques to achieve your goals.


I love helping people identify their life path and encouraging them on their journeys. My work is rooted in the belief that we all need a strong foundation of self-compassion, awareness, and love. Aiding individuals to develop healthy connected relationships and a mindful lifestyle in order to walk gracefully on this planet is my goal. I have an ever-curious mind that motivates me to keep learning and sharing what I find most helpful along the way. My interests and passions include somatic psychotherapy, Ayurveda and herbalism, the cycles of nature and our bodies, mindfulness-based therapy, meditation, sexual awareness, and yoga. Moreover, I am trained in Expressive Arts Therapy, an approach that helps individuals and groups to process emotions through different art forms, from music to dance and movement, to writing and poetry. This is especially helpful if you are looking for a way to express and release negative emotions, or to set intentions related to your career or vocation, in a creative and embodied way! I am in my second year of a Master in Mental Health Counseling, working towards becoming a certified psychotherapist. I am delighted to share my knowledge of enlightening concepts and practices about human brain functioning, relationships attachment styles, and psychological well-being and development. You can learn more about my work on my LinkedIn profile:

Location and Language:

  • America/Los Angeles
  • English, Spanish



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