We can fall in love with our lives, our teams and partners, every experience of our lives. All that's required is training the body/mind systematically with kindness.


Janusz began meditating when he was 13, living on a small hippy farm in Rhode Island. He developed a meditation practice alongside his creative work and received two degrees in fine art. When 9/11 happened, Janusz realized he could either shut down or deepen his commitment to tools of mindfulness and volunteering. Inspired by understanding the worlds spiritual traditions, Janusz began studying with living masters and traveling to Asia to spend time in monasteries. He was empowered to teach by meditation master Shinzen Young in 2013 and by Spirit Rock Meditation Center in 2017. Janusz is the cofounder of the Deep Mindfulness Collective and focuses on teaching mindfulness for creativity, conscious relationships and the classical path of awakening.

Location and Language:

  • America/New York
  • English


  • Sonya

    2018, Nov 29
    He helped me clear away the junk so I could actually see the path I was meant to head down… rather than this one that I thought I needed to create. It was just already there.
  • Ralph

    2018, Nov 29
    This stuff has been percolating inside me for years and finally since I started working with Janusz, it’s been like a powder keg.
  • Thomas

    2018, Nov 29
    Without Janusz, I feel like I would be repeating the same tools over and over again.
  • Will

    2018, Nov 29
    With Janusz, it’s about what do you want and how can we form something… something that’s not for geared for the next person. It’s geared just for you.