Kathy Hadizadeh
Transformative Leadership

You WILL make it to the other side. This is what I help you with. When we are in transition, stuck, feeling unfulfilled, it is hard to see light. You and I partner to let you see the light , to get CLARITY. Together we make a PAUSE to leave anxiety and stress behind and EMBRACE possibilities. Welcome to your new LIFE!


Kathy Hadizadeh, MSc, PCC is the founder of Heart Mind Tuning in Los Angeles and a former IT executive. Heart Mind Tuning is a coaching and consulting agency focused on human potential development and performance optimization. She is a certified integral life, leadership, and executive development coach by New Ventures West. Kathy is also a certified neuroscience based emotional intelligence and mindful leadership consultant by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI). Kathy builds on two Masters in Engineering and Management and 15+ years of experience leading technology initiatives in the corporate world across multiple industries with several Fortune 500 companies. After a life-changing event in 2015, Kathy embarked on a journey to combine her background in systems thinking and her track record in mind body connection, to develop methods that amplify effectiveness of leaders and boosts innovation in teams. Programs: * Beyond Fear: This program is geared towards using neuroscience to empower a culture of change and innovation – Building calm, clarity, and equanimity to maximize positive change, creativity and, and innovation. *Life 2.0 - Focuses on positive changes based on understanding a person as a WHOLE and building a neuroscience based plan to optimize potential and performance. *Zen Mind - Building equanimity, empathy, calm through Mindfulness, CBT, and emotional intelligence techniques. This program can be used to foster deeper relationships, deal with transitions, health challenges, burn out, etc. *Empowered Leader - What does power mean? How can you be the most effective leader? We use the alignment between heart & mind, embodiment techniques, AI based tools . Credentials: -MSc Eng, PCC -Certified Integral Life, leadership & --Executive Development Coach -Certified Neuroscience based Mindful Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Coach and Educator -Certified Emotional Intelligence and Brain Profiling Assessor

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