Leysen Shayakhmetova
Transformative Leadership

Supporting clients during the transformation stage of life.


My key principle is "do not make harm" which means if I don't feel competent in some area I'm not afraid to admit it and recommend other professional. Most common questions of my clients are the following: 1) How to transform my life? 2) How to build my job search strategy? 3) How can I raise my self-esteem and believe in myself? 4) How to understand what I want to do further if I want to change my Job? 5) How to get more energy and find more time for myself? Career & Life Coach, Headhunter (7 years in Executive Search), ex-Talent Acquisition director in Fashion retail company, wife, sister, daughter. I've lived and studied in Missouri, USA and in Germany as an exchange student so I do understand both American and Russian and European culture specifics.

Location and Language:

  • Europe/Moscow
  • Russian, English


  • 4
  • Erickson Coaching International (ICF certified)