Matt Sturm
Sex coaching

Heal your wounds around sexuality and relationship. Inhabit your body in a whole new way. Open into the pleasure and bliss that is your birthright. I offer coaching and bodywork that's safe, slow, and listens to your body. We'll tune into your desires and celebrate them find respectful and authentic ways to connect and explore sexuality as a pathway into the sacred. I also offer yoga, meditation, somatic therapy, and plant medicine integration sessions.


I am following a calling to share the gift of sacred sexuality with the world. Before founding Embodied Erotic, I was the founder and co-lead of Ritual Tantra. I’ve been leading workshops and ceremonies around sacred sexuality since 2014. My approach integrates meditation, yoga, sexuality, and ritual into the path of spiritual growth and self-realization. I teach hands-on methods for inhabiting our bodies, cultivating deep intimacy, and tuning in to the universal love within us all. My approach is practical and experiential with just the right amount of Woo. I’m a Certified Tantra Educator, Yoga teacher, and am currently studying the Hakomi Method of psychotherapy.

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