Nimisha Gandhi
Holistic & Integrative Nutrition

With guidance, you can connect with the healer within and listen to the ancient wisdom of your body. Health is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. Through an integrative approach, I give you the tools to realize how powerful your body is and it’s ability to heal. It’s time to put the power back in your womb and manifest the life you envision. I work with clients through virtual and in-person appointments.


Nimisha is a functional medicine nutritionist, Ayurvedic counselor, and Yoga Nidra teacher. She holds a B.S. in Psychobiology from UCLA and has years of additional education in clinical research, gut microbiome, female, and environmental health. Ancient healing practices and modern medicine have shaped Nimisha's understanding of mind-body-spirit wellness since childhood. She believes that ritual and pleasure are at the core of healing. Nimisha's ultimate mission is to help others awaken their inner healer and cultivate their connection to the natural world. In her private practice, Moon Cycle Nutrition, Nimisha works with teenage girls, fertility, prenatal, and postpartum woman as well as autoimmune conditions and rebalancing the gut microbiome.    Nimisha serves as a board member of several health and wellness companies and organizations. She speaks regularly at conferences, retreats, and private events. You can also find Nimisha leading workshops and classes throughout SF and beyond. Nimisha’s work is research-based, intuitive, and from the soul. You can learn more about Nimisha by visiting and following her on Instagram @mooncyclenutrition.

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