Orlando Zuniga
Mental Health & Wellness

I'm a firm believer that one must integrate healing by looking at a person whole. To facilitate healing and change, I consider all variables and the relationship between each variable that includes: body, mind, spirit, environment, and culture. In my experience, if you are suffering in one variable, other variables will soon suffer. To help you, I use a treatment orientation suitable for your unique personality and circumstance. I serve individuals, couples, families, and groups of all ages, cultures, religions, and sexual orientations. I am a neutral and objective witness to each individual experience.


My love of psychology began early in life; I was always interested in understanding why suffering occurs, both physical and mental, and how to reduce it. I grew up in a challenging environment where we spoke multiple languages, and practiced multiple religions. For me, formal and experiential education has been a source of strength and courage to endure and overcome suffering. Coming from a multicultural home, foreign travel was always a must. I now use travel as an educational experience to better understand how humanity interacts with environments, cultures, and most importantly how each culture thrives. Throughout my life I was fortunate to have met many international seasoned friends that are healers such as Psychotherapists, Physicians, Registered Dietitians, Alternative Health Practitioners.. Little did I know I was being mentored by great minds. When traveling internationally, I collaborate with complimentary health practitioners so that I may better understand how to integrate western and eastern health practice. I consider myself an integrative medicine provider with a passion for holistic health. I have lived and worked in Southern California for most of my life. I took an opportunity to work in Northern California where I worked both independently in private practice and with Kaiser Permanente San Francisco in their Adult Primary Care team, as a Behavioral Medicine Consultant. After three years of Northern California living, I decided to return to my roots in Southern California where I work both independently and with Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles.

Location and Language:

  • America/Los Angeles
  • English, Spanish


  • 7
  • National University / San Diego State
  • 2013
  • LMFT98936

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