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Each one of these awesome coaches adds something special to our community. We can’t wait for you to get to know them and fall in love with them!

Daniyal Ibragimov
Fee per hour
“Mental health therapy is so much more than just my favoured profession; it is also my life and passion, gifting me excellent possibilities of self-realization and growth. Through manifesting natural empathy and altruism, the journey is more powerful for all concerned and it pushes me personally to experience quantum leaps in my inner growth.”
MD, PhD, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Mental Health Counselor.
Meditation GEA
If you're struggling with anxiety, pànic attacks, stress... I know ways to help you manage it, because I’ve had that myself . The journey of everything that manifests on the outside can be understood by going inward . The goal here is to re- learn how to love ourselves
Meditation, chakra opening, breathe work
Jonathan Kogan
Learn no code tools and pursue your passion while making money! Very real opportunity and NO technical skills required!
No Code Automation
Janusz Welin
Fee per hour
We can fall in love with our lives, our teams and partners, every experience of our lives. All that's required is training the body/mind systematically with kindness.
Mindfulness Training
Tijs Mureau
I have dealt with stress, mental issues, overweight, divorcing parents, school problems and more. Now I am stronger than ever before! Out of life experience I know I can help you.
Self and business improvement
Olga Podolska
Fee per hour
​Experience: 16 years psychological practice, 10 years psychotherapy with adults, 3 years work with emigrants as life and leadership coach, 300 popular psychological articles in Internet, 50 publications at offline media, 30 TV Shows participation, 4 science articles at peer-reviewed journals, 13 thousands views of my video YouTube, 3 thousands participants at my webinars and workshops, 1 thousand individual clients. Professional Memberships and Educations Member of Alternative Therapy Association (USA) Full member of the Professional Psychotherapy League (Moscow, Russia) Certified Leadership Coach, Deep Democracy Institute (Portland, USA): coaching program «Leadership, Coaching and Facilitation Business Development Training» – with Max Schupbach, Ph.D. (1,5 year) Certified Process-Oriented Therapist, Process Work Institute (Zurich, Switzerland) – Certificate Program by Process Work – with Reinhard Hauser, Ph.D. (3 years) Clinical Psychologist, Moscow Psychoanalysis Institute (Moscow, Russia) – Clinical Psychology, specialization with the Crisis States and PTSD. (5,5 year) Clinical Psychologist, Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology (Moscow, Russia) – Clinical Psychology, specialization with Transpersonal Psychology, (1,5 year) Psychologist, International Institute of Integrative Psychology (Moscow. Russia) – Integrative Work, (1 year)
Integral Transpersonal Approach

Is a platform to find guides to help you it takes to reach your goals and wellbeing.

Pain relief

If you often experience a state of anxiety, depression, and do not want to resort to medication

Physical problem

If you often have trouble sleeping, you have trouble sleeping, prevents live weight, psychosomatic medicine

Help to evolve

Look for ways to develop yourself, develop intuition, stress resistance, and other mental qualities with our guides

Lifestyle management

If you often experience a state of anxiety, depression, and do not want to resort to medication


Our coaches create these carefully curated online courses to help you stay healthy and advance to a higher level in your life journey

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31 Jan, 2021
The Audiobook Production & Narration Course
Based on extensive media production, as a producer and narrator, plus the experience of personally producing and narrating 26 audiobooks - mostly full length - this course gives a blow by blow instruction on how to carry out every step successfully.
Yoga For A 'Nervous' System Series
Being overworked and overstimulated can have negative effects on both your mental and physical health. This program will allow you to restore balance to your anxious and "nervous" system. Designed for those who need a pause, this yoga series will leave you feeling balanced and grounded.
15 Jan, 2021
$25 / month
The Story Course
The Story Course is an online course designed to help you become a master storyteller. We teach the fundamentals of storytelling, from the story structure, to how to develop characters and write plot, and how to use all the elements of storytelling. If you're interested in learning how to tell stories for fun, for business and for self-development, The Story Course is your ticket in!
Money Vision and Goal Setting
Did you know – “By identifying and defining your money goals your money vision will be easier to achieve.” Sometimes a Money Vision . . . Is about the things that you want to have rather than the steps you will take to achieve them. A money vision will only be a good as the action plan that you create to reach the end goal. You want to ensure what you see as your money vision is a goal that is achievable and provides you with the motivational purpose to continue to work towards the end goal. Taking the time to define your own money vision will enhance your desire to make the necessary adjustments to receive the outcome which you are seeking. • Disposable Income - Do you want to have more disposable income than you had in the previous year? • Motivation - Are you tired of not staying motivated or balanced long enough to achieve your money goals? • Figuring it Out – Having difficulty figuring out the right time to start the process to create your true money vision? • Circumstances - Did you know that as your circumstances change - your money vision should too! • Identify - Wish you had an easy way to identify what you need to have vs. what you think you want? • Focus - Is starring at a blank page putting your mind into a fog instead of allowing you to focus on identifying and defining your money vision and setting those goals? Toss out the ‘would have’, ‘should have’, and ‘could have’ and center on your own circumstances? When you creating your money vision for the year to come and set the goals you want most to achieve - you will be able to build your staircase to success. No longer will you be wishing for a miracle but, rather you will become the miracle by taking the steps to make it happen.
4 Sessions included $15
A Solopreneur’s Guide to Starting, Building and Marketing a Successful Digital Agency
This course is designed to teach you how to build and market a "hybrid" digital agency. You'll enjoy the freedom of a freelancer while leveraging the earning power of an agency. In this course, you will learn how to build your business plan and create a unique selling "position" based upon your personal strengths and preferences. You will learn how to set your pricing on 3-different levels or tiers. This will enable you to capture every imaginable buyer-type, from the lower-end to the higher-end clients. I will also be sharing with you my client contracts, my personal marketing system, and how I get free publicity through the mainstream media. My 20+ years of experience have taught me how to create straight-forward systems and processes that will help you avoid the burnout and stress that is commonplace in our industry.

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