Program by Jim Galiano

A Solopreneur’s Guide to Starting, Building and Marketing a Successful Digital Agency

About this program

This course is designed to teach you how to build and market a "hybrid" digital agency. You'll enjoy the freedom of a freelancer while leveraging the earning power of an agency. In this course, you will learn how to build your business plan and create a unique selling "position" based upon your personal strengths and preferences. You will learn how to set your pricing on 3-different levels or tiers. This will enable you to capture every imaginable buyer-type, from the lower-end to the higher-end clients. I will also be sharing with you my client contracts, my personal marketing system, and how I get free publicity through the mainstream media. My 20+ years of experience have taught me how to create straight-forward systems and processes that will help you avoid the burnout and stress that is commonplace in our industry.

What's included?

  • How to Create a Business Plan
  • How to Set Your Pricing
  • How to Create Offers that are Hard to Refuse
  • How to Get a Small Fortune in Free Publicity
  • How to Market Without Manipulation to Get Even Better Results
  • How I create simple videos to stay connected to my clients
  • How to Create a Platform where you can regularly and consistently be seen, heard, or read.
  • How my "minimalist marketing plan" gets better results for me.


This program is for: Solopreneurs and Freelancers looking to scale without building a full-blown, time-consuming, digital agency business. Agency owners who are stressed out - investing a full-time effort into generating part-time profits. Beginner to Intermediate Entrepreneurs who are looking to start, build and market a successful digital agency. Veterans who've hit a ceiling and are seriously considering throwing in the towel.

45 Lessons
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  • Module 1:


  • Module 2:
  • Module 3:

    Freelancer, Solopreneur or Agency?

  • Module 4:

    Today's Agency Business Model

  • Module 5:
  • Module 6:

    Establishing Your Foundation - What is your Mission?

  • Module 7:

    Creating Your Business Plan

  • Module 8:

    Should You Build a Personal Brand or a Business Brand?

  • Module 9:
  • Module 10:

    Bonus - The Human Element

  • Module 11:

    Establishing Your Price Points

  • Module 12:

    Creating Pricing Tiers

  • Module 13:

    Notes on the Approaches to Pricing

  • Module 14:

    The Three Tier Template

  • Module 15:
  • Module 16:

    Actual Examples of 3-Tier Pricing

  • Module 17:

    Have Your Contracts in Place and Ready

  • Module 18:

    The Contracts Included with this Course

  • Module 19:

    Client Strategy and Proposals

  • Module 20:

    Doing the Work - Building Your First Team

  • Module 21:

    Have Your Support System in Place ASAP

  • Module 22:

    How to Minimize Stress

  • Module 23:

    Done-for-You Options to Choose From

  • Module 24:

    Planning Your Website

  • Module 25:

    Building to Attract New Leads

  • Module 26:

    WordPress Themes and Page Builders

  • Module 27:

    Examples of Personal Branding Websites

  • Module 28:

    Money, Invoicing & Taking Payments

  • Module 29:

    Waveapps, Pancakeapp and Other Options for Managing Your Business

  • Module 30:

    Using and Square to Manage Your Business

  • Module 31:

    Getting Clients Face-to-Face

  • Module 32:

    Leaving a Lasting Impression

  • Module 33:

    Using a Social Sales Prospect Map

  • Module 34:

    What to Say: Emails and Video Content

  • Module 35:

    Keeping Things Organized

  • Module 36:

    Choosing Your Video Software

  • Module 37:

    Marketing and Content Creation

  • Module 38:

    Creating Content that Truly Moves People

  • Module 39:

    Taking Action and Injecting Life into Your Content

  • Module 40:

    Getting Free Publicity in the Media

  • Module 41:

    Creating Your First Media Contact List

  • Module 42:

    Personal Thoughts and Advice on Press Releases

  • Module 43:

    Question #1 How do You Create a Cold-Call Email Marketing Funnel?

  • Module 44:

    Question #2 When do I Outsource vs Doing the Work Myself?

  • Module 45:

    Question #3 How Do I Use These Methods in My Own Business?

  • Module 46:

    Wrap Up

  • Module 47:

About the coach

Jim Galiano
Marketing Strategy for Solopreneurs looking to avoid overwhelm.
I teach Solopreneurs how to create a personal-brand marketing strategy and platform. In today's online world, you're not just selling a product, you are the product. Growth comes slowly when your business looks and sounds like everyone else’s. I will help you change that. My business motto (though not grammatically correct) is >> "Less Moving Parts, Less Overhead, Less Headaches." You can also listen to my weekly podcost, "The Jim Galiano Show" for additional help and guidance.
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Jim Galiano’s award-winning expertise, his guidance, and long experience in the industry are well known to professionals where he is respected as an author of e-books, a creator of Websites and a manager of sites that have power in the marketplace because of his navigation skills. He’s certainly brought our publication into the professional world of Internet publishing. We realized our creative potential through Jim Galiano and we value our relationship with him.
Marsha Fottler, Publisher, Editor, Columnist
Program by Jim Galiano
A Solopreneur’s Guide to Starting, Building and Marketing a Successful Digital Agency
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