Program by Sylvia Greschner

Money Vision and Goal Setting

About this program

Did you know – “By identifying and defining your money goals your money vision will be easier to achieve.” Sometimes a Money Vision . . . Is about the things that you want to have rather than the steps you will take to achieve them. A money vision will only be a good as the action plan that you create to reach the end goal. You want to ensure what you see as your money vision is a goal that is achievable and provides you with the motivational purpose to continue to work towards the end goal. Taking the time to define your own money vision will enhance your desire to make the necessary adjustments to receive the outcome which you are seeking. • Disposable Income - Do you want to have more disposable income than you had in the previous year? • Motivation - Are you tired of not staying motivated or balanced long enough to achieve your money goals? • Figuring it Out – Having difficulty figuring out the right time to start the process to create your true money vision? • Circumstances - Did you know that as your circumstances change - your money vision should too! • Identify - Wish you had an easy way to identify what you need to have vs. what you think you want? • Focus - Is starring at a blank page putting your mind into a fog instead of allowing you to focus on identifying and defining your money vision and setting those goals? Toss out the ‘would have’, ‘should have’, and ‘could have’ and center on your own circumstances? When you creating your money vision for the year to come and set the goals you want most to achieve - you will be able to build your staircase to success. No longer will you be wishing for a miracle but, rather you will become the miracle by taking the steps to make it happen.

What's included?

  • In a step by step process my clients learn to prepare their mindset for what they truly want by targeting specific goals of importance, and making it happen. I’m going to share with you everything you need to get started and assist you to make a customized action plan for yourself with: video tutorials, presentation notes to review and a workbook to create your money vision and set your goals.

Program helps alleviate

Conflict resolution
Money Management
Budget Planning

Approaches included

Time management
Goal setting
Strategic thinking/planning
Financial wellness
4 modules 1-4 hours
As soon as you buy program


  • Getting Started 13 minutes

  • Defining Your True Money Vision - 10 minutes

  • Goals to be Set - 11 minutes

  • Staircase to Success - 11 minutes

About the coach

Sylvia Greschner
Money Management
I am a Money Coach and love my job. My passion is your gain with a range of services when you just don't know or find yourself with a lack of time to do the research. Building confidence in a safe haven to ensure your comfort in mastering your money management and budgeting effectively.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It taught me the goals I had needed fine-tuning. The program is designed in a manner that allowed me to eliminate the broad goals and zone in on the most important ones to work on and achieve success.

Frequently asked questions

Program by Sylvia Greschner
Money Vision and Goal Setting
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