Program by Brilliantio - Paul Jenkins

The Story Course

About this program

The Story Course is an online course designed to help you become a master storyteller. We teach the fundamentals of storytelling, from the story structure, to how to develop characters and write plot, and how to use all the elements of storytelling. If you're interested in learning how to tell stories for fun, for business and for self-development, The Story Course is your ticket in!

What's included?

  • Create great stories using proven storytelling techniques
  • Know the storytelling fundamentals that make stories flow and function
  • Understand how to create impactful and emotional stories
  • Discover the psychology behind why certain narrative storytelling techniques work
  • Develop storytelling skills that can be applied to promote and enhance many areas of activity

Program helps alleviate

Expressive Writing
Growth marketing
Blogging for Business
Business strategy
Business Development
Business Transformation
Online Communities

Approaches included

Expressive Writing
Writing Coach


Your instructor is Paul Jenkins, an international award-winning documentary film director, writer and founder of Brilliantio.

2.5 hours
As soon as you buy program


  • Welcome to the course!

  • Follow-up questions
  • Who can benefit from this course

  • Follow-up questions
  • Instructor background & methodology of the course

  • What kind of storyteller are you?

  • Follow-up questions
  • What is a 'Story'?

  • Follow-up questions
  • Story Observations

  • Follow-up questions
  • How to start a story

  • Follow-up questions
  • How to finish a story

  • Follow-up questions
  • How to create characters

  • Follow-up questions
  • Heroes and the Nature of Heroism

  • The (Vulnerable) Hero's (Inner) Journey

  • The Four Horsemen of the Story

  • What's your Story ABOUT?

  • Worldbuiding, Settings and Story

  • How to use Mazlow

  • Voice and Perspective

  • 30,000 feet to Zero and Back Again

  • The Devil is in the Detail

  • Getting Dialogue and Action to work together

  • Heroes, villains and plot twists - live insert

  • Storytelling Tools Overview

About the coach

Brilliantio - Paul Jenkins
21st Century Storytelling Techniques
When you do something remarkable, you need to tell people about it. We show you how to find your authentic voice and use it to connect with your audience. We show you how to craft a powerful message. We show you how to build your platform. We show you how to inspire action and take your business or career to the next level.
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I have learnt that storytelling inside a company about "heroes" that overcome status quo can connect people together to contribute to the larger "theme" of the business - individual, personal stories of individuals that risked themselves to bring about change actually can create social change, culture change and a new norm.
Andrew Barker
Program by Brilliantio - Paul Jenkins
The Story Course
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