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I help leaders find their own ways of integration--of their deep spiritual intentions and the situations in their professional and personal life. We’re spiritual warriors, facing the challenges that we have been prepared for. By supporting your empowerment, creativity, and resourcefulness, and bringing forth feminine leadership qualities for both women and men, I can help you find a greater flourishing than you may have thought possible.


Ying is currently a lecturer at Stanford, and until recently was design director for international markets at LinkedIn. The class she teaches at Stanford is called Designing for Well-being, using design-thinking and the creative process to help students realize that their inner challenges are creative material for what they want to bring forth in the world. Ying has a practice of integrating deep spiritual practice with our complex modern life—drawing from Zen Buddhism as well as the Native American path, Ying supports others on their journey of inner and outer transformation by shifting consciousness to deeper and deeper levels. Her favorite quote is by Einstein: “No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.” When we look at today's world, we may frequently feel powerless in the face of seemingly countless and complex problems. However, we can learn to see from the heart, rather than the mind. The mind labels see limitations and problems. The heart is that deeper level of consciousness, where problems look completely different and become dynamic, creative challenges that infuse you with energy. Ying’s top values are: Freedom, Wisdom, Skillful Means, Expansiveness, and Nature. Nature is her primary teacher, with its qualities of being generative and emergent. Freedom is the highest value to her, and it’s not freedom from the difficulties and pain in our lives, but rather the freedom to—to embrace this life, this moment, the work we’re here to do. Her mission is to remove internal barriers so that people can be anything they want to be. Ying grew up in China, and leads experiential education for American students in southwest China for a pioneering company called Where There Be Dragons. She facilitates and speaks frequently on the themes of cross-cultural communication, designer's mindset, and integration. She’s mother to a wonderful toddler, and is currently at work on a book about integration for Shambhala Publications.

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  • Lily L

    2019, Jun 06
    Yingzhao's workshop was engaging, fun, personal, honest and thought-provoking. She helped reaffirm, to me, that a great part of creativity is the ability to bridge gaps of differences – to mindfully consider and learn about those differences when working with people. Yingzhao's talk was so timely and personal for me. It served as a reminder to keep the courage – to continue moving and creating in...
  • Arthur S

    2019, Jun 06
    Ying led an empathy exercise for the entire User Experience Design team at LinkedIn. Her professionalism, leadership, and integrity shined through the entire event. In my four and a half years at LinkedIn it was quite honestly the single most poignant experience I've had the pleasure to share with my coworkers. For an exercise at this scale to have such emotional impact was eye-opening for me.
  • Gadi B

    2019, Jun 06
    I’m genuinely amazed by your story and the peace with which you transmit your ideas. How you became to be, or your process of existing almost feels like magic, I would dream of a society sharing a similar state of mind as yours - truly connected with beauty above anything else.
  • Mica D

    2019, Jun 06
    Ying has an extraordinary ability to inspire and maximize resources. She is not afraid to have honest conversations of what needs to be done and supports you through the process. As my coach, she helped me define the future and break it down into smaller steps that I was able to work on over a couple of months. It was a great experience.
  • Shu Yi Z

    2019, Jun 06
    Ying and I immediately connected after she guest-spoke during my orientation. Later, we met for a few lunches, and what I thought was initially going to be a meet-and-greet turned into a divulgence of my own personal details and her emergence as a coach and mentor to me. It turns out that Ying just has that way with people. I only later discovered that Ying is well known in the mindfulness com...
  • Jessi B

    2019, Jun 06
    Yingzhao is truly a transformational leader. I reported directly to her for a few years at LinkedIn, and have grown so much from her mentoring, both as a design leader, and a whole person. Her leadership style trusts and empowers us to take on more responsibility; at the same time, she also supports us when we need more feedback or structure. She also sees our potential and helps us channel our en...
  • Aniruddha K

    2019, Jun 06
    True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not to enrich the leader" said John C. Maxwell, and right from day one, as Ying hired and managed me, I was exposed to this style of true leadership; which has only been beneficial to me - helping me grow as an employee, as well as a person. Ying deeply cares about growing people, and unlocking their potential to let them take risks, l...

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