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Embedded Booking Widget

  • Embedded Booking Widget

    Allow your clients to easily book sessions through your channels - your website, blogs, Facebook, Instragram, Yelp, LinkedIn - as well as on your coaching page on our platform. Including automatic time-zone conversion if applicable.

  • Clients Make and Change Appointments According to Your Rules

    Set rules for clients to make or change appointments and let the platform do all the administration. Optional: require your approval for all scheduling actions.

  • Save Time & Reduce No-Shows

    Automated text/SMS and email alerts reduce client no-shows and excuses, give a professional feel, and free your time.

Easy Management

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  • Get Paid Quickly

    Automated and customized and integrates with your audio/video session data. It's like having your own personal billing assistant.

  • Client's Self-Assessments Prompts, Journalling and Progress Tracking

    Create and automate custom reminders and check-ins. To keep your clients on-track towards their goals and get the feedback between sessions to fine-tune your service and feed into reporting.

  • Complete Client Management and Reporting

    All client information in one place, including inquiries, correspondence, billing, session histories, progress reports, and more.

Easy Tools to Grow Your Practice

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  • E-Courses for Group or Individual Coaching

    Optional tools to scale your practice by leveraging group and online content delivery.

  • New Clients from Awarenow Referrals

    Awarenow is not just a one-stop platform for coaches; it's a community. Get referrals from the platform or other coaches and get paid for the referrals you give!

  • Optional Marketing Support and Administration

    Optional add-on features include Awarenow's marketing support, tools, and administration including advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, conversion optimization, and more.

Serve Clients Worldwide, on Any Device –

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Video Calls

  • HIPAA Compliant Video/Audio Calls

    Your privacy is important to us and we want you to feel safe. Our advanced system ensures that the audio and video calls are secure and protected at all times. Integration with Zoom is available too.

  • Freedom to Work Anywhere

    You're not chained to your desk, or even your computer. Use the platform and deliver coaching from anywhere in the world from your phone.

  • Service Clients Around the World

    By integrating tools in one platform and designing with mobile users in mind, awarenow let's you access a global marketplace. Anywhere your customers are, your coaching can be there too.

Look and Feel Professional

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  • Use the Same Tools as Large Coaching Organizations

    Coaching clients are becoming more discerning and expect the kind of collaboration, communication, and reporting tools that they get from larger organizations. Awarenow lets you deliver.

  • All-in-One Platform Prevents Issues From "Falling Through the Cracks"

    Nothing detracts from a great coaching relationship like miscommunication, misunderstanding, or excess administration. By keeping all client information and communication in one platform, your clients will feel like you have a large support team behind you to deliver top-quality coaching.

  • Your Own Practice Page on Awarenow Supplement

    Use your page on awarenow to supplement your website, or to be your home while your website is in development, for instant credibility and a professional look and feel.

Foolproof, Turnkey Setup
in 3 Simple Steps

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On-boarding steps

  • No Technical Skills Required

    Create group and individual coaching programs and challenges, complete with action items, automatic reminders and status updates.

  • Setup in under 6 minutes

    Average of 5:47, to be exact. Yes, we timed it.

  • Save dozens of hours of frustration

    No need to integrate many different systems for video, billing, scheduling, email, notes, reporting, etc. We did it for you!

Simple plans for solo practitioners

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I used to waste so much time and mental energy worrying about how to provide the most professional service to my clients. That entailed juggling many tools and communication channels. I’ve thought for a while that I needed to hire a developer. Then I heard about awarenow on a podcast and was surprised to hear that they’ve built all the integrations and automation. I get paid on time and fairly, never miss anything and don’t need to do as much manual work as I used to.

David L. Samuels

Samuels Executive Leadership Group

My coaching practice started growing rapidly and I wasn’t able to keep up with the amount of information and requests coming in. It was a mess - trying to focus on coaching and creating content while managing payments, on-boarding forms, client’s journaling logs, booking, email marketing, chats and follow-ups using so many channels. A colleague of mine was using awarenow andtheir mission of simplifying my administration burden so I could focus on coaching resonated with me. The team is very responsive and helpful, they make sure I get the most out of what I’m already doing.

Scott Marsh,

COO of Mindful Leadership Co

With awarenow, I stopped losing money on the no-shows, late cancellations, and overtime work. I wasn’t able to set up my own policies with other tools I was using. Also, it feels great to know that if my client needs additional support outside of my expertise, they will be taken care of by other coaches on the platform, and I will be reimbursed for referrals to other professionals.

Olga Slavyak,

CEO of CapitalConsulting Group

With awarenow as a turn-key platform solution, we rolled out a robust coaching offer for our client base which unlocked an additional revenue stream for us without the need to develop the solution in-house.

Kristen Wuhrman,

VP of Business Development at BasePaws


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